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Pundit Bookkeeping Services offers general bookkeeping services targeted at SMEs. We understand that many SMEs in dire need of a clear co-ordination in their business finances often think that such professional service is prohibitive. We are therefore positioned to bridge the gap between such businesses and professionally prepared books of accounts. On the other hand, many businesses do not usually have enough work to keep a full time in-house bookkeeper busy every day.


A part time, qualified bookkeeper is often the best option, delivering significant personnel cost savings to the business owner. That is where Pundit comes in. Pundit Bookkeeping Services is a company of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Technicians leveraging IT to ensure that the entrepreneur’s entire business position and performance can be seen at a glance at every point in time. We understand that bookkeeping is a universal point of pain for entrepreneurs, hence the dedication of our team of experts to changing this. We call ourselves the SMEs Internal Accountant. We are not auditors.

Focus on your core business while
we take away the bookkeeping burden

Pundit will co-ordinate the bookkeeping of your business at an affordable price, with flexible payment plans.

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